If you order the medicine for more than 1000 DHR, then the delivery is free. Otherwise, maybe some charges may apply. 

You get your order within 24 hours. In case of not reaching your product, call us quickly, we. We check your order through a tracking number  and tell you. 

After ordering, maybe you feel worried about your privacy. Don’t worry, your information is secure at our place and we provide the products with high quality packaging. You get your product 24 hours of ordering. 

You get an invoice at the time your order is placed at your home. Also, you get an online invoice when you place an order and find your subtotal. 

You can contact us in case of any query without any hesitation. We are here to help you to give information about the products.

Please call us on 0508430979 Or Email us on 


We provide a payment facility for you. A payment occurs when you get your order. Also, if you want to pay from your bank account, we can also provide the facility for you. 

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In case of receiving damage or the wrong product, quickly call us. We will respond to you quickly and resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

No, if you once place your order, you cannot change or cancel your order. In case of adding more products, you need to place a new order.  

Your “Package Tracking” in your order is used to track your order. You can just check on the Parcel monitor home page and enter the Emirates tracking number, get the details about your order and where you reached.